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Delivery Charge

WeightHong KongMacau, ChinaJapan,Korea,Singapore,
Asia*Australia, New Zealand, OceaniaAfrica,America,
United Kindom,Europe
500 gHK$20HK$80HK$100HK$135HK$120HK$160
1 kgHK$28HK$100HK$120HK$165HK$150HK$200
1.5 kgHK$34HK$117HK$133HK$200HK$185HK$236
2 kgHK$40HK$134HK$146HK$235HK$220HK$272
2.5 kgHK$46HK$151HK$159HK$270HK$255HK$308
3 kgHK$52HK$168HK$172HK$305HK$290HK$344
3.5 kgHK$58HK$185HK$185HK$340HK$325HK$380
4 kgHK$64HK$202HK$198HK$375HK$360HK$416
4.5 kgHK$70HK$219HK$211HK$410HK$395HK$452
5 kgHK$76HK$236HK$224HK$445HK$430HK$488
5.5 kgHK$82HK$253HK$237HK$477HK$462HK$522
6 kgHK$88HK$270HK$250HK$509HK$494HK$556
6.5 kgHK$94HK$287HK$263HK$541HK$526HK$590
7 kgHK$100HK$304HK$276HK$573HK$558HK$624
7.5 kgHK$106HK$321HK$289HK$605HK$590HK$658
8 kgHK$112HK$338HK$302HK$637HK$622HK$692
8.5 kgHK$118HK$355HK$315HK$669HK$654HK$726
9 kgHK$124HK$372HK$328HK$701HK$686HK$760
9.5 kgHK$130HK$389HK$341HK$733HK$718HK$794
10 kgHK$136HK$406HK$354HK$765HK$750HK$828
Delivery Time2-5 working day5-14 working day7-21 working day7-21 working day7-21 working day7-21 working day
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Shipping is charged per order, not per item.   
-Be sure to read the following-    
Depending on the laws and regulations of the country the order is shipped to, there may be an import duty, value-added tax, customs fee, or shipping cost, which will be born by the customer (or the recipient if the customer and recipient are different), and will be charged directly by the mail delivery service, customs, or mail courier of the said country.
* The customer will be responsible for paying these listed fees.  
Shipping Period     
After order completion, your order will be shipped out within 2 to 5 business days from our Shipping Center in Japan, but it may take a little amount of time to be delivered due to customs procedures in each country, etc. 
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Once your order is shipped out, a Shipping Notice will be sent to your registered email address.