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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The Company shall protect confidentiality of Member's personal information in accordance with the following policy:

1. For the use of obtained private information

The Company shall use Member's personal information including but not limited to, his name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and e-mail address as well as transactions with the Company only for the following purposes:
(1) to send merchandise, catalogues, direct mails, etc., introduction of new products and services and to provide customer care.
(2) to provide information on the Company's catalog (paper/electronic) and retail outlet business and information useful to Member's lifestyle, as well as to send surveys.
(3) to deliver gifts and promotional items in campaigns an events run by the Company.
(4) to send catalogues, direct mail and samples of corporations that the Company finds acceptable.
(5) to create statistical data for marketing, sales promotions, and new product development,
In this case, the private information will be used anonymously.
(6) to determine Member's credit limit and to manage credit authorization and payments.
(7) for the Company to perform outsourced tasks to process all or part of private information.
(8) to send catalogues and direct mails, to introduce new products and services as well as to deliver relevant customer care to individuals whose personal information the Company obtained from other operators.
(9) to respond to inquiries from Members
* 1. Responding to and contacting a Member shall, in principle, be carried out only with the Member in question.
* 2. When the Company contacts a Member through his registered information, it shall say the Member's name to the person who answers the phone, and may ask if the Member is at home, state the reason for calling, and request to talk to the Member.
* 3. The Company may record voice interactions between Members and the Company for the improvement of the Company's customer care skills and for accurate capture of Member inquiries.

2. Member's personal information and Member support
Provision of personal information is voluntary. Should personal information for mandatory fields of a service order (paper/electronic) not be provided, the Member cannot be identified and his service request may not be fulfilled.

3. Sharing of Member's personal information

Company shall not provide or disclose personal information to a third party the Company has obtained from Members except in following cases:
(1) when the Company has obtained Member's prior consent and agreement,
(2) when the Company provides said personal information to, and shares it with its group companies for the purposes explicitly disclosed to Member,
Affiliate information sharing: the Company's group companies (note)
Purpose of shared use: 1 through 6 of Article 3 Section 1 "for the use of obtained personal information"
Personal information to be shared: including but not limited to name, address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, e-mail address and purchase history
Responsible party for shared use: Petit Bonheur Limited
Method of personal information acquisition: through Membership application and service orders and from the Company's computer systems (via paper and electronic media).
(3) To respond to inquiries by credit card issuers on fraudulent use of credit cards
(4) when required by authorities in accordance with laws and regulations

4. Disclosure of Personal Information by the Company
Company shall not disclose or provide personal information obtained from a Member except in the following cases:
(1) to subcontract outsourcing companies, with whom the Company has personal information non-disclosure agreement, to have personal information processed for the sole purpose explicitly disclosed to Member

5. Disclosure and correction of personal information

(1) Member is expected to timely notify the Company via its Customer Care Center when his personal information has changed
(2) The Company shall update it reasonably timely when Member requests disclosing and updating his own personal information. Please contact the following Customer Care Center for inquiries and update requests. Some fee may be charged for the provision of certain information.
(3) In principle, a disclosure or change of personal information requested by a Member's family member is not accommodated, except when Member has entrusted the request to the family member or said request is for legal reasons.

6 Member's request to discontinue use and provision
(1) When requested by Member, the Company shall discontinue its use of requested personal information and provision thereof to its group companies. The minimum personal information, however, that is required for operation of the Company will not be discarded.
(2) Member can contact the Company's customer care center to request e-mails, direct mails and telemarketing calls from the Company be discontinued.
Member must initiate any action to cancel mail magazine subscription and online account.

¡½ Cookies

For better Member experiences at the Website, a piece of data called a Cookie may be stored on the Member's computer hard disk. The Company will use cookies along with Member information for the purposes described in Article 3 Section1.
Members can disable cookies by re-configuring their internet browser. Disabling cookies may disturb use of the Company's website and/or services provided on it. Please contact each browser manufacturer on how to change the configuration,

¡½ Regarding the Behavioral Targeting Cookies
Petit Bonheur Ltd provides behavioral-targeting ad services on certain websites in cooperation with Google.
Google's Double Click DART cookie is used to collect data regarding website traffic history.
(Rest assured information does not contain such personal information that could be used to identify our users.)
The said cookie stored on our website is only used for the purpose of sending our Petit Bonheur advertisements,
and will not be used for any other purposes nor for the collection of personal information.
If you do not want to utilize the advertising service, please click on the link below to the Google opt-out page, and disable the cookie.

¡½ Logs
The Company keeps a record, called access logs, of Member's access to Website. Access logs are used with Member information for customer service improvement and for the purposes described in Article 3 Section1, as well as for root cause analysis of problems and statistical analyses of Website usage.

¡½ Privacy protection at linked websites

The Company shall do its best to protect Member's confidentiality. Privacy protection policy of a third party enterprise who is linked with the Website is beyond the Company's control. Actions at the third party website shall be subject to the privacy protection policy of that the Company.

 ¡½ SSL

The Company uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for encrypted transmission of personal information in membership registration, surveys, and alike to ensure personal information won't be intercepted by a third party.